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China daredevil fishes off the Touban Bridge in Nanjing!






A daredevil angler who fishes while 

balancing on a narrow pipe high above

 a river is attracting crowds in China.

People who gathered around 

Tuoban Bridge, in Nanjing, 

were amazed to see the young 

man’s technique, reports Modern Express.

They were were even more amazed 

to discover that he was fishing without 

any bait, 

but simply dropping his hook 

into the water to catch fish.

Within half an hour, 

the young man had already 

caught four fish. 

His partner on the bridge said with 

pride that no fish were safe when 

his friend goes fishing.

The fisherman told onlookers 

he was a wholesaler at a nearby 

market who had come fishing for 

fun because business was slow.

Responding to concerns about 

his safety, he added: 

“I have a good sense of balance. 

And anyway, I’m a good swimmer!”




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