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The mainstream media’s infinite infatuation with beautiful Barack Dali Lama Obama!









New York Post


By Michelle Malkin

October 29th, 2008

TO paraphrase Queen Elizabeth II,

2008 is not a year on which honest

journalists shall look back with

undiluted pleasure.


So many journalists were swimming

in the Democratic tank this year,

the nation’s newsrooms looked like

overcrowded aquariums at PetSmart.


In less than a week,

the campaign will be over.


But the Obamedia’s most shameful biases

and blunders shall not be forgotten.

Here are my Top Three,

by no means comprehensive and

in no particular order:


1) The Los Angeles Times and the

suppressed Obama/Jew-bash videotape.

In April, Times reporter Peter Wallsten

reported on a 2003 farewell party

for Rashid Khalidi,

a radical Palestinian Liberation

Organization spokesman/adviser

turned Ivy League professor.


The anti-Israel Arab American Action

Network sponsored the gala.

In attendance:


good neighbors Barack Obama and

Weather Underground terrorist duo

Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.


Wallsten reported that the

“event was videotaped,

and a copy of the tape was

obtained by the Times.”


But the paper refuses to let readers

watch the video of Obama and his

left-wing terrorist friends and

won’t release the tape.

It’s “old news” now.


Yet the Times had no problem

embedding a video clip of Sarah Palin’s

1984 swimsuit pageant on its gossip

blog and deeming it newsworthy.



2) Ogling Obama.

In May, CNN posted “breaking-news video”

of female journalists on Obama’s press

plane fawning over the Democratic

presidential candidate as he talked

on his cell phone.


The caption listed on the

network’s Web site:

“Obama in jeans:

Sen. Barack Obama surprises the

press corps by wearing jeans.”


In the clip, several members of the

press corps yell at a Secret Service agent

to “sit down” because she’s obstructing

the view of their beloved Obama.


They giggle and sigh as he

straddles over a row of seats,

and they furiously click away

on their cameras.


“You’re killing us,”

one of them says breathlessly.

No, you’re killing yourselves.

Runners-up for

Most Drool-Covered Groupies:


The journalist who squealed

“He touched me!” at the UNITY minority

journalists’ convention in July;


the MSNBC producer who broke down

and shed tears of joy upon learning

that The One had clinched the

Democratic presidential nomination;

MSNBC host Chris Matthews,

who proclaimed that he

“felt a thrill up his leg”

after an Obama speech in February;


the writer for the German publication Bild,

who worked out with Obama at the

Ritz-Carlton in Berlin and reported:

“I put my arm around his hip –

wow, he didn’t even sweat!



3) The quote doctors and

math-manglers at CNN.

In a botched attack on Sarah Palin,

CNN reporter Drew Griffin cited

National Review writer Byron York

allegedly questioning Palin’s abilities

and character:


“The National Review had a story

saying that,

you know,

I can’t tell if Sarah Palin is incompetent,

stupid, unqualified, corrupt,

or all of the above.”


In fact, York was characterizing 

the press coverage of Palin.

In a botched tally,

CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien proclaimed

that an audience poll showed “overwhelming”

preference for Joe Biden after the

vice presidential debate.


A freeze frame of the show of hands,

however, showed the audience split.

The mathematically challenged O’Brien

also claimed that Palin slashed Alaska’s

special-needs budget by 62 percent.


(a factoid the anchor recycled from

the liberal Daily Kos blog),

despite the fact that the governor 

increasedspecial-needs funding

by 12 percent.

Facts, schmacts.



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