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Earth Magnetic Pole shift may trigger death on global scale and an increase in scary fear mongering headlines!




Displacement of 

Earth’s magnetic 

poles may turn 

planet into giant 








The planet’s magnetic poles 

are being displaced. 

Scientists say that mankind may 

eventually find itself defenseless 

against the cosmic radiation, 

and the Earth will turn into 

the giant Hiroshima.

The chief scientist of the Central 

Military Institute for Ground Troops, 

Candidate of Technical Sciences, 

Yevgeni Shalamberidze, that that the 

geographic poles of the planet remain 

on their previous positions, 

whereas the magnetic poles have already 

drifted away 200 kilometers each. 

This phenomenon affects the 

processes of global scale.

“The planet relieves its excessive energy 

into space through crust fractures. 

When those breakouts close, 

the negative energy is left on the planet. 

It is not ruled out that the growing 

number of catastrophes that rocked 

the world during the recent years 

is based on the displacement of 

the magnetic poles,” the scientist said.


Alexander Fefelov, a senior spokesman for 

the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, 

said that planet Earth would have 

its magnetic and geographic poles 

relocated during the upcoming years.

“Planet Earth on the orbit is a 

round object in weightlessness. 

The planet may suddenly change 

its axial inclination from time to time. 

It happens once in 23,000 years. 

The pole displacement angle may 

reach 30 degrees. The South Pole 

used to be located in the area of 

Easter Island before the latest displacement, 

whereas the North Pole was located 

in the Himalayas. 


That is why mammoths, rhinoceroses 

and saber-toothed tigers used to inhabit 

Arctic latitudes. 

It was a very sudden displacement of poles. 

Archeologists still uncover animals with 

indigested herbal food in their stomachs, 

which means that the animals died 

as a result of fast freezing, so to speak,” 

the scientist said.

The displacement of poles can result in 

the disappearance of the atmosphere, 

which in its turn will cool the planet to 

273 degrees below zero Centigrade. 

The biosphere of the planet will 

virtually be killed in this case; 

only those located close to the Earth’s 

axis will survive the disaster.




Doctor of Physical and Mathematic 

Sciences, Vladimir Kuznetsov, 

said that planet Earth had 

experienced 16 polar displacements 

in 4 million years. 


“There is no chance that the Earth’s 

magnetic field will disappear. 

The planet will always have 

the radiation shield. 

Even a possible change of the poles 

will not be able to make the 

magnetic field vanish. 

The planet will not be frozen. 

The geomagnetic field does change, 

but it is not dangerous. 

Even if the poles drift hundreds 

of kilometers away, 

there will be no threat to humanity posed.


10 Responses to “Earth Magnetic Pole shift may trigger death on global scale and an increase in scary fear mongering headlines!”

  1. im sorry guys but the radiation shielding of the planet and the hold on its atmosphere is sustained no by the location of the poles but by the spinning of the inner and outer core. as such when pole shifts occur it is because they are following the fundamental laws of magnetism. when a magnet is created by an extreme mass of spinning (in this case and others) Iron the poles will shift slowly at first and then speed up until the shift is complete than they will quickly shift back and slow down gradually until the shift is complete. all that really happens is the weakest part of the shielding moves slowly and then quickly around the planet in a fixed plane until the swap places. the poles are cold not because the shielding is weaker there BUT BECAUSE THOSE AREAS GET LESS DIRECT SUNLIGHT. at most were looking at a slight temperature increase (around 10-20 degrees F) worldwide rotating with the pole. yes it will mess with the weather. yes there will be earthquakes and volcanic activity. the real danger of a pole shift is not in the fact that the poles are shifting themselves but rather that as we pass through the densest part of the gravitational plane of the universe other planetary bodies will be swapping places with us. so if your honestly worried about the polar shift (which occurs naturally anyway) your looking for extreme danger in the wrong place. the real global danger is going to occur when other planet sized bodies MIGHT!!!! pass through our solar system, and i stress might on the basis that due to speed shifts in the galaxie’s bodies rotation what passed through last time may be millions of kilometers in front of or behind us in terms of rotation. the shift through the plane itself my slightly compress the planet and minorly affect gravity and in turn volcanic activity. if the threat was SO serious look around theres nothing we can real do about it anyway. if we bunker underground earthquakes will cause massive cave-ins anyway. if we try to run to the axis of the planet to avoid the heat your gonna be in the middle of the ocean and theres a possibility of increased storm intensity and frequency as well as the possibility of tsunamis and tidal waves.so long point in short WATER BAD!!! so hold on to your hats people this is happening whether we prepare for it or like it. ride it out like always

  2. Dear scientist, Im really interested in this article. I really would like to know when the world is going to end ? please let me know as soon as possible.

  3. Dear scientist,
    please, read this
    Our prophet Mohamed
    (pbh ) said to resurrection day will not come until you see 10 signs before it (smoke, Antichrist, pack animal talks to people, sun rise from West, Jesus(pbh) will send down, yaagog and maagog, three lunar eclipse (one in east,one in West, one in Arabic island)the last sign a fire come from yemen country drive people out to resurrection land) .

    IN A HOLY Quran, Allah describe the end of this life, look in sourat El-zalzala(convulsion)number:99
    [1] When the Earth is shaken to its (utmost) convulsion,
    [2] And the Earth throws up her burdens (from within),
    [3] And man cries (distressed); ‘What is the matter with it?’
    [4] On that Day will it declare its tidings:
    [5] For that thy Lord will have given her inspiration.
    [6] On that Day will men proceed in companies sorted out, to be shown the Deeds that they (had done).
    [7] Then shall anyone who has done an atom’s weight of good, see it!
    [8] And anyone who has done an atom’s weight of evil, shall see it.
    In another sorat El-takwir No 81
    [1] When the sun (with its spacious light) is folded up;
    [2] When the stars fall, losing their lustre;
    [3] When the mountains vanish (like a mirage);
    [4] When the she-camels, ten months with young, are left untended;
    [5] When the wild beasts are herded together (in human habitations);
    [6] When the oceans boil over with a swell;
    [7] When the souls are sorted out, (being joined, like with like);
    [8] When the female (infant), buried alive, is questioned,
    [9] For what crime she was killed;
    [10] When the Scrolls are laid open;
    [11] When the World on High is unveiled;
    [12] When the Blazing Fire is kindled to fierce heat;
    [13] And when the Garden is brought near;
    [14] (Then) shall each soul know what it has put forward.
    [15] So verily I call to witness the Planets, that recede,
    [16] Go straight, or hide;
    [17] And the Night as it dissipates;
    [18] And the Dawn as it breathes away the darkness;
    [19] Verily this is the word of a most honourable Messenger,
    [20] Endued with Power, with rank before the Lord of the Throne,
    [21] With authority there, (and) faithful to his trust.
    [22] And (O people)! Your Companion is not one possessed;

  4. from web page:

    The Big MPS is not a frequent event – the last occasion apparently occurring some 730,000 years ago.
    It is accordingly, not one of those events with which the average magnet manufacturer is going to concern himself.
    But rumors of late have begun circulating that the magnetic poles are about to do a reversal. According to NASCA, “Scientists believe the Earth’s magnetic poles are about to reverse themselves – an event that would undoubtedly plunge the world into turmoil, some say complete catastrophe.”
    The Observer Guardian headlines one article with “Sun’s rays to roast Earth as poles flip.” Such pronouncements are at least likely to tweak your attention.

    If such is the case, then the reader may wish to consider two aspects of this subject. The first is the physical reality of geomagnetic pole reversals;
    their history and mechanism. The second is the effects, i.e. what happens when the magnetic world is turned upside down. We’ll take first things first.

    First Things First

    The Earth’s geomagnetic field is well known to anyone who’s ever used a compass. Such usage is typically on the surface of the earth, but it must be noted that the geomagnetic field permeates the planet itself and extends outward into space.
    At the surface of the Earth the field is evidenced by the behavior of magnetite material, such as bar magnets, which when suspended and free to rotate, align themselves with the geomagnetic field.
    By theory and limited observation the magnetic field is believed to extend deep into the Earth, through the Earth’s mantle and into its outer core of what is believed to be molten iron.
    The field also extends into space where it surrounds the Earth in what is termed a magnetosphere (of which the Van Allen Belts are a part).

    According to paleomagnetists, the Earth periodically — every few hundred thousand years — flips its magnetic field (i.e. the north and south magnetic poles are reversed).
    Evidence for this peculiar habit is provided by measurements of the orientation of magnetic materials in sedimentary and volcanic rocks, and the fact that such orientations have been grouped into distinct periods over the last 178 million years.
    Based on this evidence, the most recent magnetic pole reversal appears to have occurred some 730,000 years ago, leaving the north and south magnetic poles at 75 degrees North, 102 degrees West, and 67 degrees South and 140 degrees East, respectively.
    Work by Allan Cox [1] has shown extreme variability in when and where such an event occurs – ranging from a 35 million year hiatus in the Cretaceous Period, to more recent variations of several hundred thousand years between events.
    Of course, this means that based on the relatively recent past, we’re way overdue!

    Geomagnetic Variations

    For the last hundred years geophysicists have observed a steady and significant weakening in the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field.
    The weakening rate suggests that the magnetic field may vanish altogether within the next 1,500 years [1].
    This weakening is about one percent per decade, and has deteriorated over the last two thousand years by about fifty percent. The magnetic field pattern also rotates in some areas by about one degree every ten years [2].
    Much more noteworthy, however, are major shifts in the locations of the magnetic poles, in the form of complete reversals and in the form of “excursions”.

    Excursions refer to those cases in the sedimentary and volcanic records where the geodynamo apparently failed to complete a geomagnetic field reversal and ended up backtracking.
    These large leaps in the field direction may have been produced by abnormal secular variations or may be “manifestations of unsuccessful, or aborted, reversal attempts” [1].
    For our purposes, the explanation of the causes of an “excursion” or a complete reversal of the magnetic poles is essentially the same, differing only in the intensity of the causal factor — the lesser intensity events occurring when the geomagnetic field does not quite complete a reversal.

    Evidence of reversals in the geomagnetic field indicates 200 reversals over the last 178 million years.
    This includes a 35-million year hiatus during the Cretaceous period, and 33 reversals in the last 25 million years. Over the last 70 million years, “polarity reversals have been taking place at an increasing rate” [1].
    In fact, there have been 9 major reversals in the past 3.6 million years (i.e. on average one every 400,000 years), with the most recent one, 730,000 years ago.
    Even more noteworthy is evidence of a looping excursion by the geomagnetic field some 28,000 years ago.

    The evidence of major variations in the geomagnetic field derives from sedimentary and volcanic lava records.
    These records provide the timing and location of the magnetic pole from the angle of dip and the horizontal orientation of magnetite material in the sediments and lava flows.
    Unfortunately, sedimentary records are limited in that they tell us more about the pre- and post-geomagnetic records than about the actual reversal process itself. Lava records, on the other hand, being laid down in a matter of days (instead of thousands of years in the case of sediments) provide much more detail in the description of events in a geomagnetic pole reversal.

    But there are also shifts of whole Earth,…probably with inner planets when comming Nibiru overturns them with Sun.
    So Egyptian historians speak that Sun rised twice on west, twice on east during their history within one or more precession cycles,…where was south, was north and vice versa,…on Dendera zodiac is depicted such situation when zodiacal constellations were Tucan Pavo, South cross,..in Egypt,..

  5. Here are some my proofs for existence of Nibiru
    or Planet X in more complex form –
    on my web page senmut.webs.com.

    You can see short videos describing how
    arrival of Nibiru was seen during ancient times here,..

    Results of Los Alamos Milagro survay
    are very similar on what was detected
    in ancient times.

    Nibiru should be circa in distance 1500
    billions km from us now,
    what is close to orbit of Saturn.

    (from Cassini – Huygens probe mission)
    are watching changes of weather,
    climate conditions on Titan,
    what is moon of Saturn with thick atmosphere,
    so resembles to Earth.
    Why are so many clouds over there
    on Titan in wider latitudes during these years?

    Their amount is growing from year to year.

    Titan resembles to Earth due to its atmosphere.

    How it is on Titan these years,
    so it could be within two,
    three years on Earth.

    webs http://mujweb.cz…………….are not working now so try to give

    Please, let me know your opinion
    Pavel Smutny

  6. I am honored that
    you visited 22MOON Dr. Smutny!

    Of course i will check out your videos,
    as i urge all readers to do as well.

    Your writings are genius,
    I look forward to viewing the videos
    and I’ll post my opinion and I urge
    all MOON readers to check them out.


  7. Thank you very much for reply.
    Those my videos are made maybe
    in not enough good quality/resolution,
    because only clips till 10MB were aloud in youtube,
    so it is good to read articles about Nibiru/ancient
    carpet links before.

    I wanted to make longer video-movie
    about those my researches,
    discoveries but there wasn’t enough time,
    endeavour till now,..

    It is pity that some well equiped astronomers on Kecks,
    in Milagro,.. don’t wan’t to cooperate,…

    I sent them quite lot of infos,
    proofs but they don’t want to
    send their opinions, explanations,..
    they play dead fishes,…
    though I placed my amendments,..
    directly on their web pages,…

    I will be pleased to cooperate with you
    also on next researches,…
    texts, book also in future,…

  8. I am so very interested in your work Pavel!

    It is a shame astronomers and so called “thinkers”
    have such a closed mind to new ideas, new research.

    Minds that stay closed to new ideas
    never learn anything new.

    I want to publish more of your work on 22moon.com
    to expose it to the world.

    It is amazing to me that people with education
    show themselves to be simple minded when
    confronted with new ideas and concepts
    that are outside their narrow range of approved

    New discoveries and inventions are made by
    those minds daring to think outside of the box.

    Some of the so called “educated” are so afraid
    to dare express a thought or opinion that
    is not approved by all their peers or university –
    so they only express what has been expressed before –
    even though it may be totally wrong.

    They would rather have the approval of
    other small minds –
    than dare to be great
    and think new things,
    explore new bold ideas!

    I’m sending you my personal E-Mail address Pavel,
    I would be honored to publish more of your
    work and your bold thinking.

    I know that you are some kind of
    genius and if small minds can not accept
    it they prove their ignorance –
    their University degrees and fancy titles
    they hide behind to cover their lack
    of real, deep thought.

    Your thoughts and work
    will always have a home at 22moon.com
    Dr. Smutney!


  9. Dear Rash,..
    It is crazy how much people are
    disinformed by official media.

    For example many speak,
    that date 2012 is only Mayan fiction.

    Researchers but dicovered rests
    of tropical plants in Peruan Andes,
    under quickly,..accelerating melting icebergs.

    Their age was,
    according carbon method stated on circa 5200 years.

    When was the end of last Mayan cycle?!

    It was 3134 B.C.,
    what is 5146 befor 2012 A.D.
    Is not 5200 and 5146 too close,…?!

    More details are also on senmut.webs.com/apps/blog/
    or on futurity.org/science-design/cosmic-ray-%E2%80…
    Please, look at these web pages,..


    Here is clear evident,
    that tidal effects in Venetia are accelerating
    in last years enormously.

    It looks on 20cm amendment
    due to much more frequent tidal surges,
    tidal floods in last years.

    Natural sinking of Venetia was
    in previous decades only approx. 2cm per 10year.
    similar situation is on Thames Barrier, in Jackarta,….
    Would be Venetia one of the firsts Nibiru’s,…

    It looks so from graphs,
    that tidal amendment could be another 20cm
    till end of this year and after it much more in the next year,…

    Pavel Smutny

  10. Thank You So Much
    for your great post,
    Doctor Smutley!

    Everyone please check out
    the great links Dr. Smutley
    posted above –

    Pavel is a genius Russian scientist
    who knows what he is talking about.

    Thank You for your most
    interesting post Pavel,
    your input is always most welcome
    at 22MOON!


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