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Jennifer Aniston’s obsession with germs makes Adrian Monk look like a sewer worker!


Jennifer Aniston is becoming

a borderline germaphobe,

reports The National Enquirer.

“Jen has become nearly obsessed with cleanliness,
and it’s driving everyone around her up the wall,”  
an insider told the Enquirer.

“When friends come to the her house,
Jen insists they use a bathroom that’s
reserved for guests only.”  
Jen never uses that bathroom.

“She carries hand sanitizer in her purse
so she can do the ‘wipe-down’.   
In public, she’s constantly wiping grocery carts,
hand rails, elevator buttons, door knobs and
anything else she comes in contact with.”

Jen has started to feel a panic reaction when
someone reaches out to shake her hand,
added the source.

“I’ve seen her take a deep breath,
wipe her hand on her clothes and then
pat the person on the arm,
just to avoid hand-to-hand contact.”

The source continued,
“If she’s forced to make skin contact,
Jen discreetly pulls out her sanitizer
and disinfectants afterward.”

The insider claims Jen often avoids signing
autographs now for fear of picking up germs
from dirty pens and paper.

In jen’s kitchen at home,
“Jen makes sure almost nothing
touches her kitchen counters,
and she’s installed a metal cradle
for her cell phone.
She even stores napkins in zip lock bags
to keep them cleaner.”

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