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Sexy Beyonce Knowles stage name is now Sasha Fierce!

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Beyoncé unveils 
her stage alias 


Beyoncé has rechristened 

herself Sasha Fierce.

In a move reminiscent of Prince’s 

decision to rename himself as an 

unpronounceable symbol in 1993, 

Beyoncé has altered her moniker for 

forthcoming album 

I Am…Sasha Fierce.


An official statement reads: 

“I have someone else that takes over 

when it’s time for me to work and when 

I’m on stage. 

An alter-ego I’ve created that kind 

of protects me and who I really am.

“Sasha Fierce is the fun, 

more sensual, more aggressive, 

more outspoken and more glamorous 

side that comes out when I’m working 

and when I’m on the stage.”


I Am…Sasha Fierce

which is yet to be given a release date, 

will feature Beyoncé’s… sorry, 

Sasha’s hotly-anticipated collaboration 

with Justin Timberlake.














4 Responses to “Sexy Beyonce Knowles stage name is now Sasha Fierce!”

  1. She can call herself collect for all I care, she will always be sexy B to me.. (Beyonce).. No disrespect J, good luck to you both.

  2. whehnesss…

  3. her legs are enormous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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