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Britney Spears not going to jail!




face another trial for driving 

without a valid driver’s licence, 

The U.K. Sun reports October 22nd.








Twelve jurors in an LA court failed to reach 

a verdict which resulted in Court Judge 

JAMES A. STEELE dismissing the charges.

Britney did not appear in court, 

as the jurors spent eight hours 

debating her case.

The charges stem from an incident in August 

last year when the singer allegedly hit a 

stationary vehicle in an LA car park and 

was found not to be in possession of 

an LA drivers licence.

Britney did have a Louisiana licence 

but was a registered LA resident at 

the time of the incident.


Since Britney is not going to jail,

there is no reason to post the


But it is funny so I’m posting it anyway!





Sung to the tune of “Jailhouse Rock”

“Sittin’ here up inside the county jail,
Even with my money I can’t buy no bail,
I told the judge I’m sorry but to no avail,
Now I’m cryin’ all the time and 
you can hear me wail!

The door to my cellblock,
Just ask my last fan Chris Crock,
I’m Britney, bitch, and I rock!

Everywhere I stand or sit are funny smells,
Creepy stains are on all things in county jail,
Where my hangers on have fled it’s hard to tell,
All I got’s a jumpsuit and a bag of fan mail!

Poor me!
I’m a star, why don’t they see!
Laws don’t apply to Britney,
Chris Crocker, set me free!”

Written by Rash Manly    22MOON.com










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