You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

Britney Spears nude photos from her sexy hot steamy “Womanizer” video!


BRITNEY SPEARS’ new video 

is her steamiest yet – 

thanks to these naked sauna scenes, 

Stuart Pink reports for 

The U.K. Sun October 13th.

The pop princess bares all at the 

start of the video for new single 


before transforming herself into 

three sexy characters.


All that hard work in the gym 

and dance studio has paid off big style.

Her toned appearance is a far cry 

from the bloated, unfit Britney 

who newly blew her first attempted 

comeback at the 2007 MTV VMA 

awards with thatdodgy performance 

on stage.

Hopefully she can keep it up and 

continue to knock out great vids like this.

They take some beating…




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