You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

Andy Dick speaks loudly and carries a small stick!


Bi sexual actor/comic/nut job Andy Dick 

went bonkers when a pack of paparazzi 
suddenly invaded his property during 
the at-home taping of his new reality 
show pilot for VH1, 
The National Enquirer reports.  


Screaming that the crew members had 
sold him out by tipping off the photogs, 
Andy had to be restrained when he 
charged the photographer’s car.

Andy Dick threatened to smoosh his 
(insert Andy’s last name here) up 
against the rolled up window.

“Why not!  
My genitals are already on the Internet!” 
Andy screamed at the camera folk.

Staff and friends had to calm down 
the bonkers Andy, 
reminding him that by order of the courts, 
Andy had to at least ACT 
sober for a change.
Rash Manly reported last year  

that Andy Dick was getting his 
own reality dating show, 
fashioned after 


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