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Angelina Jolie touchingly buys Maddox his first weapon!



smiles as she breast feeds one of her 

new-born twins — 

in intimate pictures taken 

by partner BRAD PITT, 

The U.K. Sun October 10th.











The snap is one of a series of family 

photos by the 44-year-old Hollywood star.

They show the Oscar-winning mum-of-six, 

33, shortly after Vivienne and Knox 

were born in July.


The images taken at Chateau Miraval — 

the couple’s home in France — 

will appear in next month’s edition 

of style mag W.

A source said: 

“It’s really beautiful and tastefully done.”

In her interview with the mag, 

Angelina reveals she has bought son 

Maddox his first knife to teach him 

the dangers and benefits of the weapon.

The actress, a longtime knife collector, 
was 11 when her mother took her 
weapon shopping for the first time.

But she insists her son’s first knife 

was dulled for safety and came with 

a serious talk about violence.

Jolie told W: 

“We take him to a special shop.

“We also talk about Samurais and the 

idea about defending someone as good. 

We talk about everything.”


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