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ILIANA FISCHER: This madly talented actress and music artist is wowing the world!

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The Iliana Fischer Hollywood legend 
started at age 15, when she was spotted 
by a modeling agent during a brief trip 
to Santa Barbara, California.

Iliana returned home to San Francisco 
and started modeling for runway and 
department stores, 
garnering instant notice.

Her Puerto Rican/German mixture and 
fluency in Spanish gave her versatility,
combined with a high I.Q. only matched 
by her classic Hollywood beauty.

Iliana’s education was a priority for her 
mother who was a proud graduate of 
the University of Puerto Rico with a 
master’s degree in chemistry.

Iliana was accepted at U.C. Berkeley, 
majoring in psychology and 
Spanish literature. 

Combined with her thirst for learning, 
Iliana’s work ethic and talent instilled 
in her a creative need to perform. 

Iliana joined and performed jazz, ballet, 
and modern combinations locally with 
the University dance company.

Next came the move to Los Angeles, 
at the suggestion of an agent, 
where Iliana quickly got supporting 
roles on Baywatch, V.I.P., Pacific Blues, 
Moesha, a feature film, (Blind Ambition) 
and a music video for Selena’s brother’s 
cumbia group: “The Cumbia Kings”. 

Her classic beauty brought modeling 
jobs such as Lowrider Magazine, 
swimwear magazines, Venus Swimwear, 
a soccer calendar, even a Frederick’s 
of Hollywood lingerie show aired on 
B.E.T., to Versace runway shows.

Iliana Fischer was instantly spotted 
and referred to a top modeling agency 
in Milan, Italy.

Iliana started traveling back and 
forth marketing herself internationally. 

She did shoots for Italian Maxim and 
Max, as well as Maxmara runway shows.

She made an appearance on Milan, 
Italy’s channel 5 variety show 
to great acclaim.

Casting directors at Playboy knew 
she was the perfect choice for their 
high standards.  
Iliana Fischer became a coveted 
Playboy “Cybergirl” where she had her 
layout displayed in March of 2003 on
the Playboy.com website,
to the joy and acclaim of readers.

iliana starred in the 2004 internationally 
released film, winner of Santa Monica 
Film Festival Awards Showtime/TMC movie 
“Blind Passion,” 

and had supporting roles in the 
Gary Busey/Lorenzo Lamas movie about 
Latino gang fights “Latin Dragon”, 
as well as in “Sunstorm” starring Bo Derek.

Iliana has made numerous appearances 
on the Latino TV channel 62 out of L.A. 
reaching Texas, N.Y., Miami, and many 
Latino countries around the world.

The multi talented actress featured an 
interview of herself and promoting her 
calendar/website on L.A. Live, 
Jose Luis’ “Sin Censura”, “Buscando Amor”, 
“Segunda Cita”, “Que Buena”, and promoting 
“A-Jeanius” clothing line which sponsors 
“Doce Corazones”.

Iliana also promotes her first new 
latin/english crossover cd “Caliente” 
and her first music video “Mariposa”
(vote for it on 
to get it played on TV!)

In 2005 Iliana had the privilege of being 
a featured guest of the Las Vegas exotic 
adventure stage show “X Show” at the Aladdin 
and Lake Tahoe’s Hotel Harvey’s.
Most recently,iliana appeared on the         

Tyra Banks Show….and did photoshoots 

for Hot Boats Magazine; as well as 

commercial printwork for Soft Trading 

video gaming accessories.

Iliana also co-hosted a pilot episode of 

a new PAX channel musical entertainment 

variety show called “Icons U.S.A.”.

She appears as a guest-star in the pilot 

episode of a MTV reality show which 

follows the day-to-day live of the 

legendary rock group “Journey”.


Iliana has appeared in numerous 

online magazines: Askmen.com, and 

a cover/article in Urbanmainstream.com 

to name but a few.

Iliana also promotes her first new 

latin/english crossover cd “Caliente”,

which has songs available on iTunes 

as well as just about every online store; 

and her first music video “Mariposa”,

which has been played on Comcast’s 

musicvideo channel.


The amazing Iliana Fischer is a 

character in various episodes of 

TWO major network TV series this fall.


“Sons of Anarchy” (FX Network) which 

stars Ron Perlman of “Hellboy” and 

Katie Sagall , which started Sep.3rd.   

Iliana plays “Bobby”s girlfriend.

“The Starter Wife”
, on the U.S.A. Network,

starring Debra Messing, which 

airs October 10th.

 Iliana plays a Malibu-beach madly 

sexy blonde bombshell at a posh 

Malibu rehab center.


Her many credits include the following:

“Deuce Bigalow                        Supporting                                             Adam Sandler Prods.

Sunstorm                                Supporting                                             Mike Marvin Prods.

“Blind Passion”                          Lead                                                     American Film Partners
·          *Show Time Featured Movie
      + TMC

“Latin Dragon”                            Supporting                                             Jack Lippman Prods.
“Sons of Anarchy”                      Bobby’s girlfriend (supporting role)            FX Network

“The Starter Wife”                      Sexy bombshell in rehab. center (supporting role)            USA Network

“V.I.P.”                                      Co-Star                                                 Anderson Prods.

“Pacific Blues”                           Co-Star                                                 Pacific Blues Prods.

“Baywatch”                                Co-Star                                                 Baywatch Prods.

“N.A.A.C.P. Award Ceremony”    Show Hostess-Interviewer                       Upfront Ent.
— Cable Show

“Red Buttons 80th Anniversary”    Hostess-Interviewer                                Upfront Ent.
— Cable Show

“Sin Censura                            Featured Calendar Model                        Jose Luis Prods.

L.A. En Vivo”                            Interviewed as Featured Model/Actress    Jose Luis Prods.

Buscando Amor/Segunda Cita                                                              Jose Luis Prods.

Que Buena”                                                                                         Jose Luis Prods.

“Jenny Jones”

“Tyra Banks Show”

“Blind Date”
COMMERCIAL                          List Available Upon Request
Fisico Energetico                     Featured Demonstrator                           Crow Entertainment
— Latino Nutrition and Exercise Video (Sold Spanish T.V.)
Azucita                                   Abe Quintanilla and the Cumbia Kings     Selena Prods.

Mariposa                                 Iliana – Herself                                       Worldwide Recordings
Weiss Baron Studios – Acting for the Camera, Soap Operas, and Commercials

Stella Adler Theatre – Workshops

Sharon Chatten – Acting Classes & Private Coaching

Jeff Conaway – Acting Workshop for Film and TV

The Artist Theatre Group – Acting for Film, Theatre, TV. Emphasis on Meisner and Strasberg Method. Coach: Anthony Monte’s.






6 years, Jazz Modern, Ballet 
(2 years), Salsa, Samba, Merengue
Afro-Haitian, Hip-Hop, Rollerskating
Rollerblading, Snow Ski, Horseback Riding, 
Volleyball, Soccer, Softball, Bowling, 
Tennis, Yoga

Speak, Read, and 
Write Fluent Spanish, Some Portuguese, 
and Italian

See Portfolio: experience in MilanItaly

CD in stores now (Latin Pop); Music Video Distributed Online
U.C. Berkeley B.A. Psychology/Spanish Lit. 
and Poetry

Those wishing to contact Iliana can reach her at


Iliana Fischer


(888) 928-2615 voicemail








Her madly wonderful CD
Caliente is a must have!

Iliana Fischer is a Hollywood 
Legend in the making!

This smart sultry bombshell 
is waking up the world!

Rash Manly   22moon.com    October 3rd, 2008


ALL of the amazing bikini photographs 
in this story were taken by the most 
talented paparazzi in LA,
the one and only CURLS93.

For more of his amazing work,
including more red hot Iliana Fischer 
photos and videos, 
can be found at Curls93’s website

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