You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

Gemma Atkinson sexy leather biker babe photos!

SORRY lads.


I don’t want to ruin the illusion but

these pictures are another prime

example of the effects of air-brushing,

Beci Wood reports for

The U.K. Sun October 1st.

GEMMA ATKINSON has won an army

of male fans with her sizzling shoots

and sexy magazine spreads.

The ex Hollyoaks star rolled up

to a 2009 calendar signing in

Liverpool looking like she’d

just stepped off her motorbike.


She’s got a great figure and the

tight black leather trousers are a

key fashion item this autumn –

however combined with a faded

black T-shirt, sturdy boots and

greasy locks,

Gemma looks more butch biker

than glamour model.







5 Responses to “Gemma Atkinson sexy leather biker babe photos!”

  1. i would fuck you silly babe not a pervet but you are perfect example of a woman i LOVE your assets espically your arse 😉 and yeah love to spend one night with you put it this way there wouldnt be much sleeping lol anyway again keep modelling your making alot of teen age boys very happy lol 😉

  2. Nice Collection,
    Keep It up ….
    I Find one good Blog ….
    keep It up.

    I have found her collection of hot wallpapers.


    From Celia Lui (China)

  3. Thank You so much
    for the great link Cella
    Thank You for reading


  4. Nice pics of Gemma.


  5. ohhh gemma atkinson i want to fuck you forever both the way thrice a day your tits ohhhhhh i love what a huge tits sexy body only and one on this planet, gemma what is your fees for fucking you whole of life.

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