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Jennifer Aniston is taking a break from dating Mr. Wrongs



has revealed to pals that she is taking 

a break from men, 

Beci Wood reports for the 

U.K. Sun September 30th.










After a string of failed relationships, 

most recently with singer JOHN MAYER

the ex Friends beauty has decided she 

wants some time out on her own.

Jen really is absolutely stunning – 

no question about it.


Quite why she is single 

is beyond me.

But the actress – 

currently on holiday in Mexico alone – 

reportedly told a close friend: 

“I just need to spend time with 

myself for a bit.

“I know people look at me and say I 

have the perfect life with the career 

and the money.

“But it all can seem a little hollow 

if you don’t have someone to 

share it with.

“That sounds like a cliché, 

but it is so true. 

Maybe I should just become a nun.”

With her 40th birthday just five months away, 

Jennifer – the ex wife of BRAD PITT – 

admits life hasn’t panned out as she expected.


Jen told a pal: 

“When I married Brad, 

I thought it was for life and we’d 

certainly have kids.”

“If you had told me when I was 25 that 

I’d still be unmarried and childless at 40, 

I’d have laughed in your face.

“I need to do some inner work 

on myself, to really get centered.








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  1. This guy looks like a keeper. Maybe they’ll make this one work !

  2. Man I’d tweak them nips so fuckin hard, really give them a good twistin

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