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Lindsay Lohan and Sam on gay-cation in Mexico photos!

                   photos by BIG



SAMANTHA RONSON on their first 

official holiday as a couple, 

Beci Wood reports 

for The U.K. Sun Spetember 30th.








The pair have jetted to Mexico 

for a luxury break – 

one week after Lindsay confirmed 

she has been dating the DJ on a 

US radio station last week.

Meanwhile Lindsay has infuriated 

record company bosses by demanding 

her new album artwork be scrapped 

so she can pay tribute to Sam – 

sister of Brit Award winner MARK.


The Hollywood wildchild originally 

included a disguised dedication to 

her DJ girlfriend on the CD sleeve 

by referring to her using a pet name.

But as their relationship has since 

gone public, Lindsay now wants the 

dedication to Problem Solver to 

name Samantha outright.


A source revealed: 

“Sam has had a huge 

influence on the record.

“The artwork was finalised before 

Lindsay had gone public with 

the relationship, so she concealed 

the tribute. 

Now it will name Samantha directly.”


The collection — 

featuring contributions from singer

SAM SPARRO and N.E.R.D frontman 


is called Spirit In The Dark 

and is due out on November 4.

But record label bosses are having 

a hard time keeping it under wraps.

Ronson has been spinning choice 

cuts from it at recent DJ gigs, 

much to the annoyance of 

certain Universal records chiefs.


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