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Human trafficking a most inhuman business!


The People’s Republic of China is a source, transit, 

and destination country for human trafficking; 

the majority of which is internal trafficking.

Chinese women and children are trafficked 

for sexual and labor exploitation in Malaysia, 

Thailand, the United Kingdom, the United States, 

Australia, Europe, Canada, Japan, Italy, Burma, 

Singapore, South Africa, and Taiwan. 


Many Chinese are recruited by false promises 

of employment and are later coerced into 

prostitution or forced labor. 

Children are sometimes recruited by 

traffickers who promise their parents 

that their children can send remittances 

back home. 


In poorer areas, most trafficked women are 

sold as wives to old and disabled unmarried men.

In richer areas, most trafficked women are 

sold to commercial sex businesses, hair salons, 

massage parlors and bathhouses. 

Chinese children were also kidnapped 

and sold for adoption.

China is a transit country for trafficked 

victims destined to Thailand and Malaysia 

for commercial sexual exploitation, 

forced marriage, illegal adoption, 

begging, and forced labor.

China is a destination country for women 

and children who are trafficked from Mongolia, 

Burma, North Korea, Russia, Vietnam, Ukraine, 

and Laos for sexual and labor exploitation. 



Most women and girls are trafficked from 

North Korea, Vietnam, Russia, and Burma.

Many North Koreans voluntarily migrate to 

work in China but are later coerced 

into exploitative conditions.

North Korean women reportedly were sold 

for approximately $380 to $1,260.

While there are no reliable estimates 

on the number of trafficking victims in China, 

the Vietnamese authorities reported that 

167 Vietnamese women and children 

were rescued from traffickers in China. 


China has a significant amount of internal 

trafficking of children for sexual and 

labor exploitation.

Estimates on the number of victims 

range from 10,000 to 20,000 each year. 

International organizations report that 90 

percent of internal trafficking vicims 

are women and children, 

trafficked primarily from Anhui, Henan, 

Hunan, Sichuan, Yunnan, and 

Guizhou Provinces to prosperous provinces 

along the east coast.


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