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Omar Bakri paid for sexy pole dancing daughter Yasmin Fostok’s breast enlargement surgery!




HATE preacher Omar Bakri Mohammed 

paid for a boob job which launched his 

daughter’s pole dancing career, 

it was revealed last night, 

Nick Parker writes for 

The U.K. Sun September 27th.











He forked out £4,000 in CASH for 

27-year-old Yasmin Fostock’s 

bust-boosting surgery — 

while living on BENEFITS in the UK.


Last night a pal of single mum Yasmin, 

of Catford, South East London — said: 

“Her dad’s ashamed of her behaviour 

but she’d have never have become a 

pole dancer if he hadn’t paid for 

her bigger boobs.


“She was always self-conscious 

about her size and managed to 

convince him she should have it done.


“She played the daddy’s girl and said it 

would make her feel more of a mother 

when she was breast feeding her children.


“He went along with it and even went 

to the top London clinic with her 

where he paid for the surgery in cash.


“The rest of the family were set 

against it, but he insisted she should 

have her way if it would make 

her a better mother.

“But it backfired disastrously 

because her new figure encouraged 

her to go out and flaunt her new body.

“She was flattered by the attention 
of men and her new confidence led 
directly to her work dancing half 
naked in clubs full of leering men.

“She’d never have done it if 

it wasn’t for those boobs — 

which were paid for by her father. 

It’s all his fault.”


Bile-spouting Bakri, 

who has sparked fury with outbursts 

over the 9/11 and 7/7 terror atrocities, 

paid for the surgery five years ago.

Yasmin is also understood to have 

had nose enhancement work.

The Sun exposed her pole 

dancing secret yesterday.


Her pal said: 

“Her family have been at their wits’ end 

over her behaviour for years, 

but her mother has always been in denial.

“Even now, 

she refuses to accept her daughter’s 

a pole dancer and says it’s all lies.”


Twice-wed Yasmin, 

who has changed her name from Youssra, 

is dating a 26-year-old satellite TV installer.

She lives on income support and has 

her £900-a-month rent and £240- a-month 

council tax paid by the state.

Yesterday she flashed a defiant finger 

when asked about her career.


              Yasmin Fostock A/K/A Yasmin Raider








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  1. Hahahahaha Ahl-e-“Sunnah”

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