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Angelina Jolie threatens to leave Brad unless he make a Pitt stop at home!


ANGELINA JOLIE threatened to leave 

BRAD PITT over his trips away after the 

birth of their twins, say sources, 

Emily Smith reports for 

The U.K. Sun September 24th.

Angelina, 33, had Knox and Vivienne in July. 

But she has spent most of the last two weeks 

in their south France chateau 

apart from Brad, 44.

A source said: 

“She told Brad if he didn’t come home it 

would be over. She threatened to leave 

and check into a hotel, but Brad 

persuaded her out of it.”

The pair, who have six kids, 

insist their relationship is fine.


Meanwhile, German newspaper Bild

claims the couple are moving to Germany 

for 90 days while Brad shoots his latest movie.

Brad and Angelina, plus their six children, 

reportedly landed at Berlin’s Tempelof 

airport yesterday afternoon and will 

live in a mansion near Wannsee lake 

on the outskirts of Berlin.

Brad starts filming on the new 


Inglorious Bastards, in three weeks.


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