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Samantha Ronson savagely bashed by Daddy Dearest Michael Lohan!

LINDSAY LOHAN’S dad MICHAEL has stepped 

up the war of words with his daughter – 

and even accuses her lesbian lover 

SAMANTHA RONSON of not using toilet paper, 

Simon Rothstein reports for 

The U.K. Sun September 23rd.











Michael has spent the last week in LA doing 

charity work, but doesn’t feel very charitable 

where the couple are concerned.

In his latest blog he rants: 

“There is a lot more to Samantha 

than meets the eye!

“Not that what we see is 

soooo pleasing anyway!

“I mean, what’s with this ‘person’? 

Look at the way she ‘dresses’. 

Once more, she uses her middle finger 

more than she uses words.


“Personally, I think she is dark, 

hideous and a disgusting 

representation of humanity!”

Lindsay, who this week posed for a 

very sexy magazine photoshoot, 

is rumoured to be marrying 

Samantha later this year.

But Michael is begging her to 

reconsider the whole relationship.


He continued: 

“Have you ever seen Samantha’s apartment? 

For God’s sake, when she runs out of 

toilet paper she tells people to use the 

cardboard roll. I was told this first hand.

“I heard and know more about Samantha 

than you can imagine. 

Yet, while I haven’t exposed her, 

I know that God will.

“He will weed her out of Lindsay’s life 

and at that time, you will finally see 

Lindsay back in the place in her heart 

and mind that God wants and she belongs.

“Hopefully, without Samantha causing 

more damage than she already has.”


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