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Britney Spears hot sexy body has made a full recovery!



                 Top photo by X – 17


HER RECOVERY is near completion, 

so now we can all reap the benefits of 

BRITNEY SPEARS looking fit again, 

Stuart Pink reports for 

the U.K. Sun September 19th.









The pop princess has been putting 

in the hours at the gym and dance studio 

over the past few months and her hard 

work is clearly paying off.

Here she is leaving the Mondrian Hotel 

in LA remising the Britney of old, 

looking in cracking shape – 

especially her toned legs.


It’s a far cry from the dishevelled, 

underwear-less appearance we got 

so used to seeing not so long ago.

But memories of her breakdown 

were rekindled yesterday when it 

is was confirmed she will have to 

appear in court next month to 

face a driving charge.

The singer is accused of not having 

a valid California driver’s licence 

when she bumped into another vehicle 

in an LA car park in August last year.



However her lawyer, MICHAEL FLANAGAN, 

says Britney was driving with a Louisiana 

licence that was valid because she owns 

homes in that state.

The court date has been 

set for October 15.









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