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Dannii Minogue may do Playboy again, these photos prove that is a very good idea!

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‘I’d pose nude at 36’


Dannii Minogue says she might 

pose naked for Playboy again – 

13 years after she stripped off for the mag.


The 36-year-old X Factor judge famously 

bared all for the men’s magazine 

when she was 23.


“I did Playboy when it was cool and 

I shocked myself and many others,” 

the Aussie singer told New! magazine.


“It was liberating at the time,” 

she added. “I would do it again. 

If the money was right, then sure. 

Who knows, 

it might happen this year too.”


Dannii, who has previously admitted 

to having had a boob job, was featured 

in Playboy after the failure of her 

two-year marriage to Nip/Tuck 

actor Julian McMahon.


The star said at the time: 

“I had just had a marriage break-up. 

Most women go to the hairdressers – 

I did Playboy.


“I chose the photographer, the location, 

what I did or didn’t want to wear and 

everything else about the pictures. 

I found it a really liberating, 

empowering experience.”


Posing starkers could certainly be 

what it takes for Dannii to reclaim 

some of the limelight she’s lost on 

X Factor since Cheryl Tweedy 

joined the ITV show.




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  1. ilove you danni i want to fuck you hard.

  2. So do I….So do I

    If she does do Playboy again,
    d’ya think that this time she might
    actually show something like some
    of that Aussie Bush we hear so much about???

  3. i could not agree more

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