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Kylie Minogue may become a lesbian to improve her love life, the sexy siren says!

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Single Kylie 

considers lesbianism 


 BEIJING, Sept. 11 — Kylie Minogue 

has considered becoming a lesbian.

The Australian-born pop star – 

who will perform two 

New Zealand tour dates in December – 

jokingly claims she has thought about 

experimenting with 

her sexuality because there 

are no men in her life.


She also admits to having a crush on late, 

rumoured bisexual actress Tallulah Bankhead.

Kylie is quoted by Britain’s The Sun 

newspaper as saying: 

“I’d go gay for her. 

She was a fascinating and exotic woman. 

There was so much to admire about her.

 “She lived life to the full, 

maybe a little too fully. 

I want to release the inner Tallulah in me. 

God knows I can’t get a man – 

so maybe I should cross over.”


American actress Bankhead had a 

critically lauded 

but tragic career, 

starring in films such as 

Devil and the Deep and Tarnished Lady 

in the early 30s.

She died aged 66 in 1968, 

surrounded by controversy over her 

sexual affairs and drug use.


Kylie’s last publicised relationship was 

with French actor Olivier Martinez

The couple broke up after four years 

together in February 2007.

Kylie has a strong gay following.

In a recent poll of 3000 gay men by 

website gaygolddiggers.com, 

she was voted second in 

a list of gay icons, behind 

soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo.


Tickets to Kylie’s first ever New Zealand 

show sold out in 19 minutes Tuesday, 

with the singer announcing 

a second concert.

She will perform at Auckland’s 

Vector Arena on Dec. 8 and 9.


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