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Helen Mirren had a pajama party with prostitutes to research a movie role!

Dame Helen Mirren spent a night

with prostitutes to research her

role in forthcoming film Love Ranch,

WENN reports September 8th.


The actress directs and stars in

the movie as the madame of

Nevada’s first legalised brothel.

And she prepared for the part by

staying over at the state’s infamous

Mustang Ranch in order to learn

more about the vice trade.


She says,

“I researched the whole notion

of a brothel and went to a legal

brothel in Nevada.

“I loved the girls and the madame

was wonderful –

she became our advisor.

She was invaluable –

a wonderful woman.”


And Mirren has reasserted her belief

that prostitution should be legalised

across the US and the UK.


She adds:

“I am a complete believer in legal brothels.

The girls are protected and free and it

takes out that horrible situation

of pimps and drugs.

“Also the men who go there know

the girls are medically checked and

it is very carefully controlled –

everyone is in a safe environment.

“I don’t think you are ever going to get

rid of prostitution so you might as well

make it as safe as possible.”




13 Responses to “Helen Mirren had a pajama party with prostitutes to research a movie role!”

  1. WHo cares,
    Helen Mirren has got to be
    one ofthe most sexy ladies
    in film,
    even while her age is
    complimenting her talents
    i think she is an amazingly
    beautiful and sexy lady.

    Brava Helen

    • I agree with you,
      Helen is smoking hot
      sexy at the age she is.

      These young tarts
      who think sexy is just
      taking off clothes
      have no idea
      what sexy really is.

      Great comment.


  2. I have always liked Helen Mirren.
    After ready where her head is I like her even more.
    She´s real lady with class.
    Dean Couch

  3. I misspelled reading.
    Just saw I wrote ready.
    Excusem moi.

  4. What kind of moderation you want?
    I like and admire her.
    What more can I say.

    • Hi Dean,
      Hi Dean,
      the computer puts
      many e mails in moderation
      if I am asleep.

      All you’re comments
      will be automatically
      approved from now on.



  5. Became a big fan of miz Mirren
    after seeing ” A Long Good Friday”.
    Didn´t know she was sex bomb earlier.
    She´s still got it!

  6. i think she is soooooo freakin’ hot &
    to be 65 shows that any woman can age
    gracefully still have sex appeal,
    smokin hot body & grace.
    these young girls or women don’t know jack
    about graceful sexuality.

    take lessons from MS. HELEN MIRREN ONE LOVELY LADY.

  7. Here’s ONE actress who hasn’t matured
    gracefully and yet still exudes the sexiness
    of some women in their 20’s.

    Not to mention an actress of substance
    that doesn’t need to resort to nudity
    who just finds it comfortable

  8. First is pic 6 of her stunning hand-wave to the paparazzi. Then pic 9, walking one foot in-front-of-the-other-curvy! Pic 12, in that black bra! In gold in pic 59 and the next one, pic 60, in white with pokie!!! Were I to make my comments on them, you’d promptly delete, and block me from your site!!!! So I’ll just say, how many celebrities do you know that would make you go ‘BOIIIIING!’ Just by looking at her???

  9. I think Helen Miren is an extremely sexy lady with acting abilities.
    She is a perfect example of vintage beauty.

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