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70,000 virgin maidens to dance for Swaziland’s King Mswati III at the Ludzidzina Palace!

Record 70,000        


girls dance for 

Swaziland’s King



 JOHANNESBURG, Sept. 1 (Xinhua CHINAVIEW) — Tens of thousands of virgin maidens danced Monday for Swaziland’s King Mswati III in a traditional reed dance at Ludzidzini palace outside the capital Mbabane, the South African Press Association (SAPA) reported.

    The final day of the annual dance attracted a record 70,000 girls, some of them as young as six years of age.

    The girls — dressed in colorful Swazi regalia — came from all corners of the mountain kingdom in a display of pride in their culture and virtue.


    The ceremony has a more serious mission — to draw attention to AIDS and encourage abstinence among young women, in a small southern African nation ravaged by AIDS and poverty, according to the SAPA report.

    Swaziland has one of the highest AIDS prevalence rates in the world, with almost 40 percent of adults affected, according to UN data.

    “As a young Swazi woman, it is very important for me to be here. I have been attending the dance since I was 14 years of age,” university student Landile Hlongwa, 24, was quoted as saying.

    King Mswati has 13 wives, and he could pick another from among the dancers, according to the report.

    In 2005 the monarch triggered an outcry when he selected a 17-year-old to be his 13th wife just days after he ended an official ban on sex for girls younger than 18.


    This year’s ceremony precedes a controversial “40-40” celebration to mark the impoverished kingdom’s 40 years of independence from Britain as well as the king’s birthday.

    That much-anticipated event has touched off unprecedented demonstrations against international shopping trips by the royal family and the purchase of luxury cars at a time when most Swazis live in poverty, according to the report.

    The lavish celebration takes place Saturday, Sept. 6th.





The Rastafarian Movement Originated In Jamaica 

A row has broken out in the royal family in Swaziland about Rastafarian members of the royal household. 

King Mswati’s aides have evicted six young men, including the king’s nephew, for wearing dreadlocks and, allegedly, for smoking marijuana in the royal residence. 

Royal sources say the order to evict the men was made by King Mswati on Wednesday after they made abusive utterances against him. 

But the men deny the allegations against them and say that the real motive for their eviction is to prevent them gaining access to the king. 

They want to pass to the king a message from God they say they received in a dream. 

The father of one of the men, Prince Sulumlomo, has condemned the eviction and is reported to have sought an urgent meeting with King Mswati, who is his younger brother, over the eviction order. 

His son, Prince Bhamela, and the five other men, have been ordered not to set foot inside the Ludzidzini royal palace and in any of the royal residences because of their Rastafarian beliefs. 






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  1. This king is Crazy. How many wifes is going to marry? Why can’t he give other a chance to fuck others

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  4. Holla,how are you there.how is swiziland,let me hope that ur doing good there.mi is is’t posible for me to marry swiziland girl and if posible what ar the requirement.

  5. the king is ok, if at all one is wrong its the women. over 70000 to be someone’s wife. maybe swazi men are not doing their job of sleeping with the women.
    but truth is its the game of money, where there is bucks even men sleep with men.

  6. Mhofu I do agree with you If I could have such a system on my selection Everyman wants fresh things,new pussy, new fresh pair of breast(firm ones )

    I wish dai munotiinazvowo besides I understand Bulawayo wants to host such an event,then I will definately change my tribe just to eye feast on such nature

    Keep showing a lot of flesh girls I love it

  7. How Can I get A Swaz girl? I am are african who would wish to settle with a swaz girl.

    Could there be a possibilty for me to get one and how?


    • Looking for Swazi girl!! Why? And what is so special do swazi girl is created with! Settle with any one close to you so as to escape from severe dipression! Is up to you! Am withdraw so long! Am not there!

  8. I wish I could get that chance as well!

  9. Mandla Roland Dlamini is a long lost friend. He is a traditional Swazi. If anyone can find him would they please contact me here in Canada. Thankyou kindly.

  10. this girls are natural beauties and very good for sex

  11. inkhoc yenta lisiko layo leyalishiyelwa ngubabe wayo,so stop jugding HIS MAJESTY akawabambi ngenkan kube awamfun ngabe bayambalekela. kubuhlungu nje emindenini yabo but if loyo lokhethiwe uwise utobuyela back emndenini abakhele kahle apose nemali .THATS ALL STOP VANDALISING HIS RIGHTS

  12. Niaje people.
    Hv Swizz hakuna Vidume zaid ya Mswat ?
    Kama vp npatien na mm hata girl 1.
    Mazur tulenin wote jaman

  13. I like traditional dance,like the way the Swazi people have kept their traditional. Hoping one day i will be granted a permission to visit the palace and enjoy and cerebrate with my fellow friends.

    Thomas Mwanza
    From Zambia the real Africa

  14. I lov tht tradition but its not gud 4 now coz AIDS is all over the world! its better for them to stop fuckin without plan!

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