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The two most destructive dogs are pictured below!



Looks cute, 
bit of a brute 



The tiny Chihuahua is the second most destructive dog you can have in your home – behind the Great Dane.

A new survey reveals that the Little and Large of the canine world cause more damage than any other breed.

In its lifetime, the average Chihuahua causes £638 worth of damage, just £30 less than its giant cousin.

From soiled carpets and scratched doors to chewed sofas and broken ornaments, 

the wake of devastation that your pooch can cause can push the love between man and his best friend to breaking point.

Another surprise inclusion on the league table of mischievous mutts is the Dachsund. Sausage dogs cause an average £444 of damage during their lives.

On the other hand, the pug and the huge St Bernard are the least destructive breeds, 

the former tending to be better behaved and more easily trained, the latter more gentle and stable in nature.

A total of 3,000 dog owners were interviewed by esure pet insurance who found that nearly two thirds had to pay for doggy damage.

Most of this destruction came when their pets were just puppies, but nearly 15% said that they had to endure this throughout their dogs’ lives.

Mike Pickard of esure told the Daily Mail: 

“It is not surprising that the Great Dane is number one – 

its sheer weight and size is bound to lead to accidents in the home.

“What’s more surprising is the tiny Chihuahua in second place – 

it’s amazing that the smallest of the toy breeds can cause so much havoc.”






Third most destructive,     

according to Rash Manly
the photo below is our dog 
BEAN as a baby!
The photo below that is a stock
photo of a full grown Lab. 

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