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Duffy’s Rockferry “Mercy” song better than Amy Winehouse anything!



Duffy no 
song-writing slouch 

Duffy thinks that she could have written 10 albums by now.

‘Mercy’ singer Duffy, full-name Aimee Anne Duffy, 

reckons writing LPs is straight-forward, 

but is glad she spent nearly four years crafting her debut, Rockferry.

She told the Daily Star: 

“I could easily have written 10 Rockferries and been on my second or third album by now. 

But I wanted different moods and different tempos.

“Something happened when it was eventually released – it just connected. I’ve been gobsmacked by the response.”

Earlier this year, Rockferry became the first album to sell a million copies in the UK in 2008 mark in the UK, 

but Duffy insists she’ll be modest with money earned from royalties.

She added: 

“I don’t want to buy a car ‘cause I’m a deadly driver. 

And I haven’t had a holiday for as long as I can remember.

“I just want to spend it on good dinners, big nights out with friends and many bottles of wine.”


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