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Lindsay Lohan loves Samantha Ronson, deal with it, homophobes!



LINDSAY LOHAN has declared her love 

for lesbian partner SAMANTHA RONSON 

on her blog, 

Tim Nixon reports for 

the U.K. Sun September 3rd.









The actress signs off her MySpace 

message by dedicating a song to 

“sr” and ending with the acronym 

“ILY” – which commonly 

translates to I Love You.

And the song in question 

is love ballad Trouble by


featuring such lyrics as: 

“I’ve been saved by a woman.”

She also listed her 

current mood as “smitten”.

Lindsay poured out her heart as 

Sam caught a flight to Sydney for

 a DJ gig at the city’s Zeta Bar.


And it didn’t take long for love sick 

Sam to respond, posting on her 

MySpace site that she was desperate 

to “see someone I am missing”.

To which Lindsay replied: 

“Guess who loves you…”


In a separate unrelated post, 

Lindsay takes aim at parents 

of teenage kids, urging them to 

educate their youngsters on 

the consequences of sex.


She wrote: 

“I heard a woman say TODAY on 

NBC that teens are feeling as if 

they have to grow up faster.


Because, I think that girls that are 

CHOOSING to be sexually active 

and are making a conscious 

decision to grow up faster.

“I think that parents need to 

recognize how important it is 

to talk to their children about 

the things that can result from 

being sexually active if they 

aren’t protecting themselves.”





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