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Li Guolin owns the only six legged bull in China!



Six – legged bull 
in demand 

The owner of a six-legged bull in China is holding out for a higher price.

Li Guolin, a farmer in Yantou village, Kunming, says he’s been offered 36,000 yuan, nearly £3,000, for the bull.

But he told Metropolis Times: 

“I want to wait a bit longer, 

perhaps there will be a higher price offered for it.”

The 18-month-old bull was born with 

two small extra legs on it’s back.

Li added: 

“I bought it a year ago from a neighbouring 

village for 800 yuan (£65), and as it 

grew up the two back legs became 

more and more obvious.

“Every day people come to visit 

the bull to see it for themselves.”


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