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Kevin Spacey casting couch call for “American Butty”!


KEVIN SPACEY shocked revellers at a wild party in Croatia when he pulled a male pal’s trousers down and groped his buttocks,

 Tim Nixon reports for

the U.K. Sun Spetember 1st.

.     .     .    .      .      .     .     .     .    .     .     .     .     .    .    .    American Beauty star was snapped on

holiday in Hvar getting to grips with the 

bare butt as his friend lay across his lap.

An onlooker said: 

“Kevin looked like he was 

a having a brilliant time.

“Most of his friends were laughing, 

but I couldn’t see the face of the 

man whose butt it was.”


In 2004, the Oscar-winning actor – 

who’s also Artistic Director at London’s 

Old Vic theatre – sparked speculation 

into his private life after claiming he 

was mugged while walking his dog 

on Clapham Common at 4am.


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  1. Salute there SKipper
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