You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

Hot sexy Sarah Palin for President in 2012, look at these photos, she’s qualified!









Sarah Palin

for President

in 2012!

Look at

these photos…



7 Responses to “Hot sexy Sarah Palin for President in 2012, look at these photos, she’s qualified!”

  1. wow she is so fine

  2. dang. sarah palin looks good

  3. I am horny for Sarah!

  4. I will come out of my cave to get a blow job from her !!!

  5. Uh,
    you do realize that the
    mini skirt pic is a fake right?

    (I know you didn’t)

  6. I thought the mini-skirt photo
    was real for about a week,
    shows what I know!

    The reason you can tell it is fake
    is because if Sarah Palin were
    wearing that outfit she would
    look about ten times more sexy!

    PLEASE let Sarah run for President in 2012!

    She is super smart and
    is right for America!

    The Saul Alinsky smear job
    done on her sickens me!

    If she is so dumb,
    why is the Liberal Left
    scared to death of her?

    If Obama is so smart,
    why does he need a teleprompter
    to go take a potty in the bathroom?

    (Oooo, I’m behaving rashly!)

    I do that when I’m upset
    and i get upset when Commies
    try to take over my country!

    Great comment Mike,
    by the way!


  7. Palin/Prejean in 2012 -OR- Prejean/Palin in 2012?
    After a few shots and six-packs,
    it won’t matter who’s on top (of the ticket).

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