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Woman attacks O.J. Simpson for a change!


THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER exclusively reports O.J. Simpsons daughter went berserk, 

attacking both him and his girlfriend!
Cops sped to the home of the disgraced footballer and Naked Gun star on Aug. 24 after he was attacked by eldest daughter 
Arnelle, 39.    

 “He was cut on the back of his head, 

blood was coming out the side of his mouth and his lip was cut,” 
a source told THE ENQUIRER.   

 OJ and Arnelle had a war of words about how her mom, 



Marquerite, O.J.’s first wife has to work at Walmart just to make ends meet because OJ gives her no money  — 
but does support current girlfriend Christie Prody.   

As tension mounted, 



Arnelle lashed out at OJ for ditching Marquerite, 
his high school sweetheart, 
to marry Nicole Brown whom Simpson was later acquitted of charges of Nicole’s murder in 1994.
In a rage, Arnelle shoved O.J. violently into a glass cupboard in the kitchen.
“O.J. hit the cupboard hard and the glass shattered all over him.  
He fell to the floor, bleeding,” said the source.    




in a moment of guilt, dialed 911 but panicking, 
hung up.
Despite that, police cars were dispatched to O.J.’s house in Kendall, Fla., near Miami, 
after the call was tracked to his address.   

According to the police report, 

Simpson told cops he didn’t want to file assault charges against his own daughter.





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