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Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games torch relay in Shenzhen, south China!



Torchbearer Liu Hong raises the torch 


during the starting ceremony of the 

Beijing 2008 Paralympic torch relay 

in Shenzhen, south China’s 

Guangdong Province, 

China, Aug. 30, 2008. 

(Xinhua/Yang Guang  CHINAVIEW)     

SHENZHEN, South China, Aug. 30 (Xinhua) —      

Paralympic torch relay took place in Shenzhen, 

one of the five Special Economic Zones 

in China, on Saturday.



The opening ceremony started at 

8:00 a.m. local time on the top 

of Lotus Mountain, 

where the bronze statuary of 

Deng Xiaoping, the late Chinese leader, 

is located.


 Against a stunning skyline, 

70 torchbearers ran in the city relay 

which was started at the mountain 

top by Liu Hong, 

2006 Asian Games race 

walk champion.


 Then the relay moved into a 

theme park named 

“Splendid China-Folk Village”. 


Song Zhuoping, 53, 

who is with Guangdong Disabled 

Persons’ Federation, 

ran in the third leg and passed 

the torch to Liang Zuoyi, 50, 

who also has a disability and had 

been teaching himself for years 

before getting a diploma from 

Sun Yat-Sen University.


The last torchbearer was Shen Jianping, 

a photographer who has only one arm. 

He lit the cauldron at 9:40 a.m. 

to end the relay.

The Paralympic torch relay 

was carried out along two routes, 

namely the route of “modern China” 

and the route of “ancient China”.


“Modern” route covers Shenzhen, Wuhan, 

Shanghai, Qingdao, Dalian and Beijing, 

the “ancient” has Xi’an, Hohhot, Changsha, 

Nanjing and Luoyang.







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