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Shannen Doherty finds Tori Spelling’s book an amusing work of fiction!



Shannen:  Memoir “funny”!


Former Beverly Hills, 90210 actress 

Shannen Doherty has hit out at Tori Spelling’s 

scathing portrayal of her in her former 

co-star’s tell-all book, 

WENN reports August 28th.

Spelling unleashed on Doherty 

in her new tome sTori Telling, 

calling the actress “arrogant” and a 

“bad influence” 

on the set of their hit 1990s show.

Doherty says, 

“I didn’t read it, nor would I. 

My friends called me and said, 

‘Oh, she said this and this.’ Tori and I were friends, 

but, along the way, people grow in different directions. 

I did my thing, she did her thing, 

and that was pretty much it.”

But the actress insists she won’t follow her former 

pal’s example and put a poisoned pen to paper.

She quips, 

“I’ve been approached so many times, 

but I look at writing books as something you 

do in your 80s when you have no more chapters left in life.

“My book would be boring because I would

 never write about my castmates, 

whether I liked them or not. 

When you’re working on a set, 

that’s a sacred and private experience. 

It’s not supposed to end up in a book for 

somebody to make money off of.”

Spelling recently pulled out of updated Beverly Hills, 

90210 spin-off 90210 shortly after Doherty

signed on to join the cast.


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