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11 Responses to “Eye witness account: Massive explosion in Institute West Virginia at the Bayer CropScience Plant this evening, I witnessed the fireball!”

  1. I live in South Hills in Charleston and heard a loud boom and our house shook. It was 20 more minutes before I found out what it was. I imagine the force of the explosion to those living nearby would have been scary. My sister lives in Dunbar and she evacuated right away. She wasn’t taking any chances. Your information was more thorough than any on the news websites. Also I read on one site that they finally issued a Shelter in Place.

  2. I wittnessed this as well. I work at the Nitro Walmart and as i was out back of the store, and saw the sky light up in a very bright orange light followed by an explosion. Very freaky. As of 12:00am friday morning there is a Shelter In Place in that area. I-64 along with rt. 60 and rt. 25 are closed down as well.

  3. And that’s exactly why I moved out of Institute. I used to live on the other side of that fence. My family evacuated to Kanawha City. They said people felt the explosion all the way in Lincoln county!

  4. WOW. That must have been scary. Thanks for posting your detailed account. I’m on the West Side and I’m sheltering in place just in case.

  5. I hear you man, I was driving my wife to work not too far from the plant, and BAM! There it was. Scared the bejeezus out of me! It was terrifying, ridiculous, and amazing all at the same time. I, too hope to never see something like that again. I hope they find the missing person. Next thing you know I’m stuck in traffic for an hour trying to get home.

  6. We were all in our dorms in Dawson hall at WVSU next to the power plant when it happened, I too saw the fireball. We were all rushed into the lobby and remained there for an hour without being allowed outside or to have open windows. We were all in a panic.

  7. That is so freaky. I saw the shelter in place warning at about 11p last night. I hope everyone is okay up there right now.

  8. I was listening to a radio station about how the nocotine-type pesticide Bayer produces is likely the contributing factor to bee hive CCD; then, all of a sudden, BANG!, an ironic explosion to a Bayer facility takes place. The scariest coincidence EVER in my life…

  9. Come on, dont you think an event of this magnatude would be picked up by the media networks?

  10. this last comment is classic years later when it is now known how little information was given to local emergency responders.
    There was nothing but the knowledge that the explosion had occurred released by plant personnel for 6 and one half hours!!
    It is an atrocity and demonstrates the cold hearted, irresponsible greed that has come to grip corporate america.
    I dont know if anyone was criminally prosecuted but by the heavens above they should have been.
    If I lived in this valley I would have been up in arms and wouldnt have stopped until the son of bitches were bleeding.
    Realizing many people work there and it was likely such actions could have led to loss of jobs, I would only ask the families of those workers – would you rather have them dead or unemployed?
    This sort of accident is everyone’s nightmare from coast to coast.
    The investigators are to be thanked for their release of findings and the shareholders of bayer should be pressuring the corporation to be responsible or watch as all shares are divested and the company go bankrupt.
    Corporate america is a sociopath at its worst and the shareholders need to understand they are the driving force and they have the power to end corruption and corporate greed.
    We can no longer look the other way all of us.
    Corporations have no right to impenge on our rights as citizens of this country.

    • Well said Samantha!

      22MOON headquarters is on a mountaintop
      very near an emergency siren that sounds
      at noon every Wen. without fail.
      It is SO LOUD!

      The night of the explosion the siren
      did not make a peep all night.

      I’m shocked that a website person (ME) did
      better reporting than the masses of people
      whom are paid to cover the news.

      My wife and I saw the giant fireball,
      the weird red mist no one reported that covered
      the area like fog- we drove through it,
      the car rocking like it was running o
      ver bricks in the road.

      I have little to no faith in the mainstream media
      after this and 1000 other things.

      THANK YOU for making such thoughtful comments
      and sharing them with MOON readers and THANK YOU
      for reading 22MOON!


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