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Rober Mugabe is Zimbabwe’s Doctor Evil!


Jeers as Mugabe 

opens parliament 

in breach of deal


President Robert Mugabe was greeted with boos, jeers and waving fists as he rode to the opening of parliament in an open-top Rolls-Royce yesterday, accompanied by troops with colonial-style pith helmets and lances.

Opposition MPs – who have protested that the Zimbabwe president was in breach of an agreement that parliament would not sit until a power-sharing deal had been brokered – refused to stand on his arrival.

Having to raise his voice to be heard over the jeering in his 30-minute speech, Mugabe once again tried to recover his position by vilifying Britain and the US – accusing them of using food as a “weapon” through sanctions.

International sanctions would not last a day longer, he said,”if we as Zimbabweans speak against them in deafening unison”.

Mugabe suffered a setback on Monday when a member of the opposition won the speaker’s chair in a secret ballot. 



Lovemore Moyo of the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change was elected speaker by 110 votes to 98, indicating that members of Mugabe’s Zanu-PF had voted for the rebel MP.

If the opposition continues to win support from the splinter faction, it would have the simple majority needed to block funds for government ministries and projects. But if there was deadlock, Mugabe could dissolve the assembly and rule by decree. It is unlikely the opposition could summon the two-thirds majority needed to impeach Mugabe.

While the MDC is participating in parliament, it remains wary. A memorandum signed by all the party’s MPs described the opening of the parliament as “a clear breach” of the agreement that led to power-sharing talks.

“The only person who can officially open parliament will be determined by the outcome of the dialogue,” the petition said, 

calling Mugabe “the illegitimate usurper of the people’s will”.


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