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Patrick Swayze feeling fit and happy!




Cancer-battling actor Patrick Swayze has echoed the praise he recently received from the TV chiefs of his show The Beast, insisting he’s feeling healthy and looking forward to recovery, 

WENN reports August 24th.

Swayze was praised by TV producers on Wednesday for his “workhorse” attitude on the Chicago, Illinois set – 

just months after he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in February.

And the actor insists he feels revived, despite his ongoing 12-hour work days.

He says, 

“I’m feeling good and doing everything that I need to do to stay healthy. 

I don’t have to return to California until next month for my next round of treatments. 

Right now, I’m taking the medication as I am scheduled to take it.

“We (wife, Lisa Niemi and I) have been walking our dogs and enjoying some of the restaurants. 

Also, we stay in the hotel so I can rest for filming.”

Swayze is set to continue filming the show until November of this year.


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