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Ayesha Dharker gracing television with her hot sexy Bollywood beauty!


CORONATION Street bosses have drafted in


Bollywood beauty Ayesha Dharker after

facing criticism for being “too white”, 

Jen Blackburn reports for The U.K. Sun August 22nd.

Last month, a study by equality chief Trevor Phillips blasted soaps for showing only black and Asian stereotypes.

Corrie’s Asian corner shop boss Dev Alahan was cited as an example of tokenism — 

but his role will be beefed up with a sizzling mother—daughter love triangle featuring the newcomer.

Bombay-born Ayesha, 31 — who has also been in Star Wars Episode II and Doctor Who — 

will appear on the ITV1 soap from October as Tara Mandal, daughter of Dev’s love Nina.

When Dev (Jimmi Harkishin) meets her, he is smitten and ends up caught between the two women.

The report found black and Asian viewers believe they are often inaccurately portrayed.

A show insider said: 

“We really want Ayesha to become a favourite with viewers.”


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