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Scary thriller from China “Huapi” or “Painted Skin”!





BEIJING, Aug. 20 — A Hong Kong version still of Gordon Chan’s new movie

Huapi,” or “Painted Skin,” was recently released, 

CHINA VIEW reports August 20th.

    “Painted Skin” is a thriller centering on a vampire-like woman who eats the skin and hearts of her lovers. 

The film is adapted from the ancient novel “Liaozhai Zhiyi,” or “Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio,” 

written by Pu Songling during the Qing Dynasty.

    The still of actresses Zhou Xun and Vicky Zhao has an eerie feel. 

Zhou, who plays a fox sprite, appears in the photo as a human, while white-headed Vicky Zhao weeps tears of blood.

    The movie will premiere on September 28.


               Zhou Xun photo  




               Vicky Zhao photo



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