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Cellphones in India learning to give new sex advice to their owners


A cellphone ringtone that chants “condom, condom!” 
has been launched in India to promote safe sex and tackle the growing HIV/AIDS epidemic, 
BREITBART reports august 20th.
The “condom a cappella” has been designed to break down Indians’ reluctance to discuss condom use and to make wearing a condom more acceptable.

Organisers of the campaign, 

funded by the foundation set up by Microsoft mogul Bill Gates and his wife Melinda, 

hope the ringtone will become a craze among young Indians.

About 2.5 million people live with HIV in India, said the BBC World Service Trust, the charity behind the ringtone, which was released this month. 

It can be downloaded at condomcondom.org.

“Ringtones have become such personal statements that a specially created condom ringtone seemed just the right way of combining a practical message with a fun approach,” 

said Radharani Mitra, creative director of the BBC World Service Trust.

“The idea is to tackle the inhibitions and taboos that can be associated with condoms.”

India is the world’s fastest-growing mobile telephone market with 270 million users according to the latest official figures, up 57 percent in just one year.




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