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Russian propaganda alive and well, while the US is too busy playing donkey against elephant games.

Mr. Bush, Enough!!

August 14th, 2008

PRAVDA newspaper


So you have the colossal audacity, Mr. Bush,

to “warn” Russia to pull back?

As the wanton, perverse war criminal

under whose watch the world saw the crime

known as “shock and awe” committed,

I’d say you were well

out of your mind to suggest that Russia

should pull back.

What’s a little shock and awe among 

inferior people we want to rob

and destroy, eh?

What do human beings need an

infrastructure for?

Why do they need clean water?

Why do they need electricity?

What’s a little torture?

What’s a little regime change?

Don’t recall when that was a goal of yours?

What’s a little deviant, perverted sexual


and humiliation?

What’s a few secret detention camps?

What’s wrong with destroying an environment

for 4 billion years and generations after

generations of people?

After all, they’re just rag heads,

aren’t they Mr. Bush?

Perhaps when Russia even begins to match your

tremendous feats of glory can you speak about

pulling back you fool of the worst kind.

You can also tell your number two man to shut up. 

Cheney said “Russian aggression must not go

unanswered, and that its continuation would have

serious consequences for its relations with the

United States.”

So how do you plan to answer this erroneously

termed “aggression”? He says this will “worsen”

relations with the United States? 

Buddy, relations with the United States could

hardly be any worse than they are now.

The United States shows no respect for Russia.

The United States shows no respect for any other

country weaker than itself, much less a rival as you

perceive Russia to be. 

How about your NATO?

Today the west, tomorrow the world, eh?

America uber alles!

How about your missile shield breathing down

the neck of the Russian nation? 

There to protect Europe from Iran?

The most totally absurd thing that only a

moron would believe.

How about your deliberate breaking of your

agreements regarding Serbian Kosovo? 

UN Resolution 1244 which your country agreed to,

is the ink dry…you deliberately went against it and

recognized Kosovo in total disregard and in violation

of that agreement.

And you expect your words to be heeded or

even listened to? You are joking! It is said when

Caligula went mad he heard laughing.

Do you hear people laughing at you Mr. Bush?



Listening to you, your Vice President,

Condi Rice and US and western officials

complain about “regime change,” “invasion,”

“bloodshed” and “suffering civilians” 

(in the light of their crimes across the world)

have become nothing but laughable at best

and highly infuriating and enraging at worst.

You are an idiot!

We seem to recall that when your Israeli friends

were absolutely devastating the people of Lebanon,

wantonly killing civilians, destroying their country’s

infrastructure and destroying their environment also….

the flapping jaw of your representative,

Condoleezza Rice and your entire administration

were saying no ceasefire, no nothing, just keep

on going, keep on committing acts of state

terrorism on innocent people, keep on committing

your war crimes, you have them covered.

Well, Mr. Bush, this is it. Moscow better get

this one right:

No limited engagement nonsense. 

Moscow has the moral and legal right to carry

out full scale military operations within Ossetia,

Abkhazia and Georgia to ensure the safety of

its citizens, to ensure the protection of Abkhazians

and Ossetians and to finally destroy NATO plans

for the Caucasus region.

No sane, informed, honest, rational person can

blame Russia for reacting to a genocide against

their own citizens in Georgia.

But then you are NONE of those things.

The problem is not what Russia is doing,

but how the US is reacting to it. If you were sane,

if you were informed, if you were honest,

if you were rational, if you were even marginally fair,

you should be happy to see Russian forces

put an end to the killing of Russian citizens

by the Georgian military. 

But no, your government is advised by lunatics

who belong in psychiatric wards instead of the

Pentagon and White House. 

And you, Mr. Bush,

belong in an international criminal court to be

judged for your crimes against peace and your

crimes against humanity.



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  1. right on!

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