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Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood loses wife Jo over Ho!



RONNIE WOOD’s wife JO is moving to America to escape her marriage heartache, 

The U.K. Sun reports August 16th.

The former model has been desperately trying to deal with Ronnie and his antics with Russian wildchild EKATERINA IVANOVA.

But Jo is finally coming to terms with the fact Ron has left her and wants to make a fresh start.

Last month The Sun revealed how the ROLLING STONE had fallen for the cocktail waitress and was holed up with her at his Irish retreat.

Jo thought Ron would see sense and return to his family when he sobered up in the clinic.

But Ronnie is still lovesick after a few weeks battling against his demons in a Surrey clinic.

Now his devoted wife has given up all hope of being reunited with the guitarist and is leaving to work in the US. 

She will promote her artist brother PAUL KARSLAKE’s work to wealthy Yanks.

“His family hoped his fling with Eka happened because he fell off the wagon.

“Sadly for them he has genuinely fallen head over heels for her.

“He’s like a lovesick puppy and can’t shake off his teenage-like infatuation. 

Jo’s moving to the US to piece her life back together.

“Being away from memories of Ron will do her good.”

And you can’t blame her. 

In their garden in Kingston, Surrey, a gipsy caravan Jo bought him for his 60th birthday last year is a permanent reminder of happier times.

Ironically, one of the paintings she will be selling for her brother is a remake of Da Vinci’s The Last Supper. 

Karslake painted Ronnie alongside other rock icons such as JIMI HENDRIX and MICK JAGGER.

The home-wrecker was snapped at London club Punk swigging champagne with her face painted like a kitten showing her, er, maturity.

Come on Ron, sort your head out and get back with the missus. The young lass is only after your money.



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