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Rare nude photo of Marilyn Monroe was actually a different M.



Rare ‘Marilyn’ 
pic was Madge   



A movie fan called a press conference to unveil a previously unseen nude photo of Marilyn Monroe – only to be told it was Madonna.

Embarrassed Lawrence Nicastro, 73, had called newsmen to see his poster-size picture of Marilyn posing as a hitch-hiker.

He thought it was taken in 1960 as Marilyn made The Misfits, reports The Sun.

And his ‘exclusive’ was confirmed by Monroe expert Chris Harris who was sure the grainy snap of a naked girl smoking was authentic.

But, as Mr Nicastro revealed it in Las Vegas, one reporter realised it was an image of Madonna from her controversial 1992 book Sex.

Mr Nicastro looked again at the photo and had to admit: “You’re right.”

He had found the photo at his Las Vegas home and thought a customer had left it at the garage he used to keep.

He added: “If ever there was an embarrassing moment.”


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