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The National Enquirer strangely will not investigate Hillary Clinton!



National Enquirer

Instructed Not to

Investigate Hillary Clinton?





by Matthew Sheffield


August 15th, 2008



Left-wing media activists often claim that media companies force their employees to tilt coverage rightward. Would such people voice concern when the opposite thing happens?

Not likely.

That’s why you probably won’t see lefty bloggers and activists getting outraged over this Palm Beach post story which claims that employees of the National Enquirer were instructed not to investigate Hillary Clinton during the Democratic primaries. 


Because Clinton supporters own the paper’s parent company:

Surprised that the Boca-based National Enquirer went all out to nail ex-presidential wannabe John Edwards?

Don’t be.

The American Media Inc. tabloid first revealed during October’s tough Democratic primary campaign that Edwards had an affair with campaign worker Rielle Hunter. 

At least two characters close to the company couldn’t have been happier that the dirty laundry was being aired.

It so happens that both have ties to Hillary Clinton, who was then emerging as a front-runner, with Edwards close behind.

The first is Roger Altman. He’s a New York businessman whose investment firm, Evercore Partners, poured $767 million into AMI in 1999. 

Until four years earlier, he had been assistant Treasury secretary under Bill Clinton. He also was an economic adviser on Hillary’s presidential campaign.

The other: Ron Burkle, a Los Angeles grocery store mogul who’s a major fund-raiser for the Clintons. 

Burkle’s main gig last year: Trying to buy AMI.

Said a former Enquirer honcho who keeps in touch with the current staff: 

“All I know is that the troops at the Enquirer were instructed not to do any anti-Hillary Clinton stories during the campaign.”

The tab’s editor, David Perel, wouldn’t comment on internal edicts and denied that the Enquirer was manipulated.


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