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X Factor judge Cheryl Cole of Girls Aloud triple XXX sexy!







NEW X Factor judge Cheryl Cole has admitted she is a weak singer — despite her chart-topping fame with Girls Aloud,

Sara Nathan reports for The U.K. Sun August 13th.

Cheryl, 25, said she would never risk tackling the tricky ballads some contestants on the show choose.

She won her place in the girl group after appearing on another talent series, Pop Stars: The Rivals, in 2002.

But the tiny brunette, who replaces Sharon Osbourne in the new series of ITV1’s X Factor, said: 

“I know my limits and am realistic about my ability.

“I would never attempt a Whitney or a Mariah song. You’ll always get compared. And there is no comparison.”

And when asked for her audition tips, Cheryl, who hits our screens on Saturday, said: 

“I would stick to something simple but beautiful.”

Cheryl also admitted she was lucky not to face Simon Cowell in her auditions for Pop Stars.

On X Factor she will be alongside fellow judge Louis Walsh — who judged her on Pop Stars: The Rivals.

She said: “It’s strange to be working with Louis. Who would have thought six years on I’d be sitting next to him doing the same job?

“I was a bit apprehensive. But he was the first to come to my dressing room. He helped to make me feel comfortable and welcome.”

The Geordie star feels uncomfortable about being called a judge. Cheryl said: 

“I like to think I’m there to give opinion and advice. I try to be honest — but fair to their feelings.”


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  2. cheryl cole needs a few good meals inside ofher and to loose the excess fat that is her husband Mr cole ie the ashley!!!

    She has a beautiful face and a great personality but is way to thin she has bought a breath of fresh air to the tired show that is X factot

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