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The prodigal Gnome returns home after world wide walkabout!




Gnome returns

after adventure



A gnome taken from it’s owners garden seven months ago has been returned accompanied by a photo album showing his adventures.

In the album Murphy the gnome is picutred on a beach and hiking down a mountain.

On his adventures he travelled to South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong and Laos reports Daily Mail.

The gnome and album were placed on owner Eve Stuart Kelso’s doorstep accompained by a note.

The letter said: 

‘Hello! First of all I feel I should explain my prolonged absence. 

A gnome’s life is full of time for reflection, and whilst surveying your garden one summer morning, I began to get itchy feet.

‘I came to the conclusion that the world is a big place and there is more to life than watching the daily commuter traffic, and allowing passing cats to urinate on you. 

So I decided to free myself from the doldrums of the Shire and seek adventure. 

My travels have taken me across three continents, 12 countries and more time zones than I can possibly remember.

‘There have been high points, low points, and positively terrifying points. But I have survived – small thanks to the companion with whom I have shared all these moments.’

Mrs Stuart Kelso, from Longlevens, said: 

“The leprechaun went missing many, many months ago and I had forgotten about it. Then I opened the door and saw he was back. 

It was such a shock. I thought, “Well, it’s a bit of mischief but at least he hasn’t been put through the window’.

“Murphy was quite badly damaged and there was a tightly wrapped parcel next to him. My curiosity eventually overcame my alarm, because I did wonder if it might explode. 

Then I saw it was a beautifully bound photo album and opened it up. His feet were missing, but that’s no real surprise given that he was sent abseiling down a mountain.”

She added: 

‘It was the strangest gift I have ever received. I just keep thinking how funny it is. 

It makes me smile to see all the people he met on his travels. It was a wonderful surprise and of course it’s so nice to get some good news.

“The story really is unbelievable. 

People have mentioned to me how similar his adventure is to the film Amelie, so perhaps the people who took him got their inspiration from that.”

In the French film starring Audrey Tautou a gnome belonging to Amelie’s father is taken around the world and photographed to show him how much he is missing out on in life.


2 Responses to “The prodigal Gnome returns home after world wide walkabout!”

  1. Good Post & Thank for sharing
    i love Laos,
    Laos is one of the poorest and least visited countries in the world.

  2. The very same story has been done before, I think it may have been in New Zealand.”

    this was a FAKE news story. It did not happen this way. all the people were actors in a pre-arranged story. cute. summertimne. but not TRUE.

    google it.


    Tuesday, August 12, 2008
    Murphy the Gnome story was fake news story!

    Murphy the Gnome story was fake news story!

    it did not happen that way, the UK media put out a cute summer story, but it did not happen that way. this entire news story was for a book promotion stunt.

    COMPLETEY UNTRUE THE WAY IT WAS REPORTED. both the woman and the artist were in on this. Wake up readers of the world!

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