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Sexy Dannii Minogue ensures X Factor will sizzle this season!


Dannii Minogue

promises crazy X Factor



Dannii Minogue has revealed that this year’s X Factor will feature the largest selection of terrible singers ever!


Australian judge Dannii says that even more misguided hopefuls have auditioned this year, and a lot of crazies from previous series are back for another stab.


She told The Sun: “The guy who cursed Louis in Italian came back – that was so funny. And the woman who looked like an iceberg was back as well.


“They think they’ll have more luck but unless somehting’s really changed, they’re going to get the same answer!”


As revealed yesterday, Dannii is hoping to mentor the girl’s team this series, and hopes to find the new Leona Lewis.


She added: “Since Leona Lewis, we’ve seen a lot of talent, especially from London, where Leona’s from.”


X Factor returns to our screens this Saturday on ITV1.


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