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26 cheerleaders and one elevator do not mix!




Cheerleaders in 
lift squeeze panic 



A teenage prank descended into panic when 26 cheerleaders managed to squeeze themselves into a lift together.

The group of 14-to-17 year olds were attending Texas Cheer Camp in the US when they decided to find out how many girls they could fit into the tight space.

The lift successfully carried them from the fourth floor to the first, but then the doors refused to open, reports The Dallas Morning News.

After a bit of wriggling, some of the girls managed to reach their mobile phones and call for help, but it took 25 minutes before a repairman was able to release them.

One teen fainted and was taken to hospital, while two others were treated at the scene.

“There are signs everywhere: No more than 15 people or 3,000 pounds,” said Rhonda Weldon, director of communications for the UT Police Department.

“It’s dangerous actually,” Ms. Weldon said. “They’re lucky that that’s all that happened.”


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