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Madonna is too bossy to be a good actress, her brother proclaims.





Madonna’s brother Christopher Ciccone

insists the pop superstar is to blame for her failed acting career – 

because she demands too much control over her movies,

WENN reports August 6th.

Madonna’s shaky film career included a handful of hits – including 1996’s critically acclaimed Evita – 

but the star has failed to replicate her singing success, starring in a string of flops.

And the Holiday hitmaker has now given up on acting altogether, 

stepping behind the camera to make her directorial debut earlier this year.

Ciccone is adamant that his sister is a talented actress, but she ruined her chances in the movie industry by insisting on taking charge during filming.

He says, 

“When she relinquishes control and allows other people to do what they are good at, 

she produces something like Evita; like Desperately Seeking Susan.

“The girl can act, it’s just the wrong choices and too much control.”




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