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Stalking Girls Aloud not allowed!



Girls Aloud in scare       


It’s never a dull moment when

you are in Girls Aloud.

The girls are either falling out of a club

or their personal life is splashed across the tabloids.

One thing the fab five could certainly do without

is having crazy fans.

Last year the girls beefed up security after

being confronted by a naked lesbian stalker

and in May Sarah Harding was confronted

with a fan who was so like her she even

managed to fool guards.

Now the group have had another scare.

This time the girls were left shaken after

a drunken fan made his way backstage and

shouted abuse at them at their gig in

Nantwich, Cheshire.

Luckily security guards jumped on the man

and cleared the way for the girls to get on stage.

After being questioned by officers the man

was released without charge.



A source told the Daily Mirror:

“It was all pretty dramatic.

The girls were due on stage in about three

minutes time when he ran up to them.

He’d clearly had far too much to drink

and was stumbling about the place.

Somehow he got backstage and within

yards of the group.

“Luckily their security team was on the

ball and intercepted him before he was

able to do anything untoward.

But it took three burly guys to bring him

down as he was getting really aggressive.

“The girls were total troupers and despite

being a bit shaken, they simply went out

and gave a brilliant performance like

nothing had happened.

The security team was very discreet

and didn’t want to worry them unduly.

“But once they were safely on stage, the

decision was made to call the police to

get the guy arrested.

In the end, after apologising profusely he

was released without charge.”

Girls Aloud certainly don’t lead quiet

lives that’s for sure!


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