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Ronnie Wood is hiding his blushin’ Russian in a hotel near his rehab clinic!


RONNIE WOOD has booked his Russian lover into a secret hotel near to his rehab clinic, 


Richard White reports for The U.K. Sun August 4th.



Ekaterina Ivanova, 20, visited the cheating Rolling Stone on Sunday and met his fellow patients.

Rocker Ronnie, 61, is being treated for drink, drug and sex addiction.

But waitress Ekaterina has been provided with a car and driver so she can be whisked into his arms at a moment’s notice.

A rehab source said: “Ekaterina and Ronnie were all over each other.

“They were holding hands and Ronnie introduced her to everyone as his girlfriend, Kat.

“It’s very weird to see — she looks like she could be his granddaughter. He is obviously very fond of her.”




The couple locked themselves away in the library before sharing a cigarette outside the centre.

After two hours, Ekaterina was driven back to her bolthole in a silver BMW.

Dad-of-four Ronnie was spotted chatting and joking with the chauffeur before his young lover was whisked away.

The tryst will infuriate Ronnie’s devastated wife Jo.

She refuses to visit the guitarist at the Life Works Community centre in Old Woking, Surrey.

The affair with Ekaterina has left the Woods’ 23-year-marriage on the rocks.

Ronnie has told the youngster and Jo, 53, he loves them both but can’t decide between them.

The Sun revealed last month how Ronnie fled to Ireland for a massive booze bender with the youngster.

He is four weeks into a six-week rehabilitation and is said to be doing well.

As part of his strict rehab regime, he is not even allowed to drink coffee.



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