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Ali Lohan auditions for porn director!




In the latest episode of fly-on-the-wall TV series Living Lohan, DINA continues on her obsessive quest to land Ali, 14, a career in showbusiness by booking her a casting call for horror movie Troll.

What she reportedly didn’t know was that the film’s producer PETER DAVY’s back catalogue consists largely of X-rated skin flicks.

He is the creative mind behind such small screen greats as Voodoo Lust: The Possession, Breast Wishes 14 and Bun Sisters 12.

Following her interview with the Troll filmmakers, Ali said:

“My stomach is in knots; my heart’s beating really fast.

“I mean, these are like big movie people, so it’s nerve-wracking.”

You don’t know the half of it young lass.

According to reports, Dina was unaware of Peter’s background and is now threatening to make people pay for the mix-up.

LINDSAY LOHAN’S mum should brace herself for more controversy – after sending her teen daughter ALI to audition for a porn director, 

Tim Nixon reports for the U.K. Sun August 1st.




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