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Yan Dabin of China gets death penalty for leaky toilet!




SHANGHAI (Reuters) August 2nd, 2008 – A corrupt Chinese official has been condemned to death after a leaky toilet led to the discovery of his huge hoard of illicit cash, 

Xinhua news agency reported on Saturday.

Yan Dabin, a former director of transport for Wushan County near the southwestern city of Chongqing,

was sentenced on Friday for taking bribes totalling 22.3 million yuan (1.7 million pounds) from road building companies, Xinhua said.

He was arrested after a Chongqing resident called a police station in January to complain that water was trickling through his ceiling from a vacant apartment above.

A police officer went to investigate and in the bathroom of the apartment,

which was owned by Yan, he found a leaking toilet and eight waterlogged cardboard boxes containing 9.4 million yuan.

Yan’s wife Fu Shangfang was sentenced to three years in prison, suspended for five years,

after she was found guilty of laundering millions of illicit yuan through a series of house purchases, Xinhua said.


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  1. perhaps with all that corrupt money he should have paid a plumber to maintain his toilet, for now he will need it as he’ll be most likely shitting himself all the way to the noose !!

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